20170528 Oitia, Hades Kappa Sector

A Levonshire Confederation battle group entered the Oitia system as part of a joint clearing operation. The Oitia system was the capital of the Oitia province which included the Atotz system.

The Flag Ship of Battle Group Rhexx led the operation. Assault Carrier 14, Rhexx Hunter encountered light resistance. The Rhexx Hunter suffered superficial damage while the Gino2 Class CL[AA] 163 “Ramari” endured moderate damage.

One of the enemy BB was able to repair their bridge long enough to force the Levonshire Battle Group to destroy the ship. Two rebel DD were captured after command was out and boarding actions were made possible.

Shock waves from the battle temporarily destabilized surveillance drone optics.



20170527 Skirmish at Atotz, Hades Kappa Sector.

Levonshire Confederation Ships entered the Atotz system to purge rebel and pirate elements.

Fleet mass was approximately 750 vs approximately 290. For SSDs see other entries on this blog and the Rebels used “off the shelf” SSds as per the ship models.

The long range guns of the Royi and Centralis quickly began taking a toll.

In a fairly quick 4 turn game the rebel fleet was eliminated. A  Rebel

Battleship and Corvette were captured after their command and life support became neutralized. The “Akris”  was heavily damaged with the  “Giggling Nero” suffering minor damage. No Confederation ships lost.

Atotz now joins Confederation with it’s sister planet Oitia still in question.


1601 Zakiyyah

Khalidah Empire (KIF) Fleet one composed of KIF-M001 (2500pt), KIF-C002, 2 destroyers, a medium carrier carrying occupation troops and a re-supply/repair vessel engaged the fleet of Zakiyyah

1601 Zakiyyah 001 1601 Zakiyyah 0021601 Zakiyyah 004 1601 Zakiyyah 031

*Editors note, “mercenary [doppelganger] vessels have had to substitute for the warships of various navies as fleet construction facilities catch up with commitments.”

1601 Zakiyyah 0331601 Zakiyyah 0341601 Zakiyyah 035


Total destruction of the Zakiyyan Navy was the result.  The system was then occupied by Khalidanian forces and absorbed into the Khalidah Empire.

1601 Zakiyyah 0381601 Zakiyyah 0391601 Zakiyyah 045

The repair vessel is now setting up fleet construction facilities in the Zakiyyah system.

1601 Zakiyyah 046

A second KIF Fleet composed of 2 battleships and 4 cruisers engaged the fleet of the Ketikan system which felt discretion was the wiser part of valour and fled the system.  The Ketikan system has also been occupied by Khalidan occupation troops.

Frangible- Rules for Micro Armour.

Corp Rules of Frangible


The turn sequence and observation table

Turn Seq and Obs Fire Effect

Example unit data card. Numbers and layout may change as new info/ “clean up” is founf/continues.

125th Tk Bn 4th Chaotic Dragoons Data

IMG_8145 IMG_0443

Frangible is what used to be a set of house rules for using 6mm Micro armour as a military training aid.

Frangible is a 1-1 scale game (1 vehicle = 1 vehicle). It is intended to comfortably play Battle Group level ops (100-200 vehicles/ infantry squads per side). More can be played, but turns slow down.

It was influenced heavily by Challenger, Contact, Fist Full of Tows, Steel Panthers, WRG and a host of others.

The game, in general has been sped up and simplified. It is suitable for 1930 to 2130. The corp rules are designed to be used regardless of the era. Unit Data cards are variable and vehicle capabilities give the “flavour” of the time period.

We are still Beta testing the rules and filling in gaps.

Sci Fi vehicles and equipment can be “translated” into a modern reference and used for those wanting to reuse Epic, Renegade Legion and Battle Tech minis in other roles.

At present, we have had to shelve most of our modern data sheets since the known data has changed and we are compiling new stats. WW2 and 1960s era data cards will start being posted shortly.

We would welcome contributions (we are trying to draw from multiple sources and “average” the results). The size of an 80% zone at various ranges/ equivalent armour protection and weapon penetration at various ranges and or Probability of Kill (PK) calculations specifically.

Fractured Powers- Campaign Rules and unique ship SSDs

Campaign Rules for Full Thrust- Fractured Powers. Fractured Powers

We will update and modify as “bugs” are discovered.


Ships Unique to the Levonshire Confederation.

More will be added as they are identified in the campaign.

Rail Class Assault Carrier

3 in Class. Production Compete.

IMG_8127Rail Class

Mantis Command Dreadnought

7 in class, of which 1 is in foreign service. Production Complete.

IMG_8135Mantis Comd

Mantis Class Dreadnought

11 in class of which 2 are in foreign service.

IMG_6000Mantis Class

Mud Skipper Class Escort Cruiser

11 in class of which 2 are in foreign service. Production Complete.

IMG_5864Mud Skipper

Gino Class CB

Re-purposed model.

21 in class.

GinoGino Class

Gino II Class Escort Cruiser

Modified Gino class.

6 in class

Gino 2Gino 2

Sanford Class Salvage Cruiser

7 in class.

IMG_6269Sanford CB


Locust Class Light Carrier

Re-purposed model.

32 in class of which 2 are in foreign service.


Scam Class Support Carrier.

Unique, production complete.


Sprue Class DD

14 in class, production complete.


Flash Class CTT

29 in class of which 6 are in foreign service.


Gnat Class Patrol Ship/ LC

36 in class



Cam Net Tutorial

Decide what size of Gauze or Cheese Cloth you want to use to represent camouflage netting. I use a looser weave for 15mm, though a tighter weave can be used to represent burlap or hessian.

Once you have cut some pieces of Gauze, you will need a soft brush, tweezers and a cup of water as well as some CA glue (Crazy Glue). DON’T USE CA GEL.

Position the netting where you want it. If you are applying netting to be on a vehicle that is not supposed to be static, then be careful not to block engine exhausts, air intakes, periscopes, firing ports etc…


Wet the netting down with water using the paint brush.

Push the netting into the exact position with the tweezers.


Dribble small amounts of CA glue into the netting as the water dries to tack the netting into place. The CA glue should flow into the net and be absorbed.


Do final adjustments before the glue cures…. quickly.

Repeat as necessary. A lot of assembly work is easier and quicker if you can do multiples at the same time. Now the vehicles should be allowed to dry overnight, before going on to the next step.


To prepare the netting for painting, I use some matt black craft paint. Put a bunch of paint in the center of your dish, then add some water. I like to use a 50/50 mix (approximately). However, by not mixing the paint, you can thicken or thin as you need to.

Paint the cam netting. The paint should be thick enough to help as a cementing agent, but thin enough to flow into the netting. Painting with thin paint then by adding thick in places can also work. Find what works best for you. Avoid the paint being so thick that you loose netting detail. If you “oops” just add some water with the brush to thin it down.

Once that is complete, let the models dry over night and then it’s time to prime and paint your models.


Now that the netting is dry, do any rough painting in your desired method.


Add detail painting with the exception of any crew that may be visible.


With the cam nets, I cheap out and again, use craft paint (matt). Pick a colour that works best in agreement with your research and “artistic intent”. Remember, looking cool is half the job…

Dip your brush in water, the pick up some paint. The paint should be runny enough to soak into the netting leaving a bit of the over paint from your rough painting showing through.

Now, the most frustrating part, waiting overnight until the paint dries……… I recommend singing to yourself “It wasn’t the Tanks that won the War,
The Anti Tank guns were there before,
With my boy Willie” to kill the time and keep your tankers humble…


After the model has dried, I mix up a “wash”. I use approx 1/2 cup of water and 10-30 drops of flat black paint. I use Vallejo since it has a high pigment concentration.

The wash can be applied with a brush, or simply immers the vehicle in the container and remove. You may want to use a more concentrated wash on enginge grills and hatches and other detail to increase contrast. Now, again, time to wait for the wash to dry. I recommend a different song to hum to yourself while you sit and stare at the model. Almost anything by Forgotten Rebels will work at this point.


Once the wash is dry you will need some light coloured paint, in this case, Vallejo Buff and a soft make up brush. Apply a very small amount of paint to the end of the brush, then wipe the brush against a dry surface so that only a minute amount of paint is left. Then “dust the surface” of the miniature to highlight edges and high points. Please note, if you have raided your wifes make up bag to get a brush, do not post pictures of it on Face Book or other media….


The almost finished product. One final step, painting the crew……


And now, after painting the crew in whichever way you want to, you are now ready to cross the start line. As this photo demonstrates, it is usually best to paint the complete lot at the same time to avoid internal variations.


This tutorial was done with 15mm tanks, but the technique can work (with some tweaking) on other scales. Here are some 28mm tanks from Warlord Games.





Fractured Powers – Ongoing Full Thrust Campaign

Elements of Battle Group Stirling jump into the Herodotus system/ Hades Kappa Sector

1601 Herodotus 01
Herodotusian defense forces arrive.

1601 Herodotus 02
Long range fire from the BB003 Acanthops Royi (top right) claims the first victim.

1601 Herodotus 041601 Herodotus 03

Cautiously advancing, BG Stirling continues to inflict long range damage.

1601 Herodotus 051601 Herodotus 06

We mourn the loss of CTT 020 Gunner.

1601 Herodotus 08
Remaing defense vessles are destroyed or boarded while their command was rendered nonfunctional. A battle ship, heavy cruiser, DD and FFG were captured and now serve the Levonshire Confederation

.1601 Herodotus 09

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