Fractured Powers – Ongoing Full Thrust Campaign

Elements of Battle Group Stirling jump into the Herodotus system/ Hades Kappa Sector

1601 Herodotus 01
Herodotusian defense forces arrive.

1601 Herodotus 02
Long range fire from the BB003 Acanthops Royi (top right) claims the first victim.

1601 Herodotus 041601 Herodotus 03

Cautiously advancing, BG Stirling continues to inflict long range damage.

1601 Herodotus 051601 Herodotus 06

We mourn the loss of CTT 020 Gunner.

1601 Herodotus 08
Remaing defense vessles are destroyed or boarded while their command was rendered nonfunctional. A battle ship, heavy cruiser, DD and FFG were captured and now serve the Levonshire Confederation

.1601 Herodotus 09

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