January 20, 2016

1601 Zakiyyah

Khalidah Empire (KIF) Fleet one composed of KIF-M001 (2500pt), KIF-C002, 2 destroyers, a medium carrier carrying occupation troops and a re-supply/repair vessel engaged the fleet of Zakiyyah

1601 Zakiyyah 001 1601 Zakiyyah 0021601 Zakiyyah 004 1601 Zakiyyah 031

*Editors note, “mercenary [doppelganger] vessels have had to substitute for the warships of various navies as fleet construction facilities catch up with commitments.”

1601 Zakiyyah 0331601 Zakiyyah 0341601 Zakiyyah 035


Total destruction of the Zakiyyan Navy was the result.  The system was then occupied by Khalidanian forces and absorbed into the Khalidah Empire.

1601 Zakiyyah 0381601 Zakiyyah 0391601 Zakiyyah 045

The repair vessel is now setting up fleet construction facilities in the Zakiyyah system.

1601 Zakiyyah 046

A second KIF Fleet composed of 2 battleships and 4 cruisers engaged the fleet of the Ketikan system which felt discretion was the wiser part of valour and fled the system.  The Ketikan system has also been occupied by Khalidan occupation troops.