May 28, 2017

20170528 Oitia, Hades Kappa Sector

A Levonshire Confederation battle group entered the Oitia system as part of a joint clearing operation. The Oitia system was the capital of the Oitia province which included the Atotz system.

The Flag Ship of Battle Group Rhexx led the operation. Assault Carrier 14, Rhexx Hunter encountered light resistance. The Rhexx Hunter suffered superficial damage while the Gino2 Class CL[AA] 163 “Ramari” endured moderate damage.

One of the enemy BB was able to repair their bridge long enough to force the Levonshire Battle Group to destroy the ship. Two rebel DD were captured after command was out and boarding actions were made possible.

Shock waves from the battle temporarily destabilized surveillance drone optics.



20170527 Skirmish at Atotz, Hades Kappa Sector.

Levonshire Confederation Ships entered the Atotz system to purge rebel and pirate elements.

Fleet mass was approximately 750 vs approximately 290. For SSDs see other entries on this blog and the Rebels used “off the shelf” SSds as per the ship models.

The long range guns of the Royi and Centralis quickly began taking a toll.

In a fairly quick 4 turn game the rebel fleet was eliminated. A  Rebel

Battleship and Corvette were captured after their command and life support became neutralized. The “Akris”  was heavily damaged with the  “Giggling Nero” suffering minor damage. No Confederation ships lost.

Atotz now joins Confederation with it’s sister planet Oitia still in question.